The First Beach Football Training Course in Banbianshan Beach Volleyball Center
Release date:2022-08-29 08:35 browsing:

The opening ceremony of the first Training Class for Beach Football Coaches and Referees of China University Sports Association was held in Banbianshan Beach Volleyball Center on August 14th. Nearly 100 coaches and referees from all over the country participated in the training.

It is reported that the training course was hosted by the Chinese University Sports Association and Xiangshan County People's Government. During the training course, the lecturers introduced the development, characteristics, rules, techniques and tactics of beach football one by one by the means of theoretical learning and practical demonstration so that the trainees could learn the unique characteristics of beach football more intuitively. Meanwhile, as the first professional sports event operation company introduced by our county, Yiming Sports Company is also the hosting company of "sports display" in the sand volleyball events of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Relying on professional sports event operation company and the introduction of large-scale sports events, our county will continue to promote the development of Marine and coastal sports.