Tongwamen Bridge and Sanmen Sea Bridge Completed Load Tests Successfully
Release date:2022-09-27 17:38 browsing:

Recently, Tongwamen Bridge and Sanmen Sea Bridge (North Gate Bridge, Middle Gate Bridge and South Gate Bridge) successfully passed the "physical examination" and completed the bridge load test.According to a report issued by the National Road and Bridge Quality Inspection and Testing Center, the indicators of the bridge is normal and the bridge structure is safe.

It is understood that Tongwamen Bridge is 292 meters long and was opened to traffic in 2001. With a total length of 1,480 meters (North Gate Bridge 352 meters, Middle Gate Bridge 368 meters and South Gate Bridge 760 meters ), Sanmen Bridge was completed and opened to traffic in 2008. After the bridge was opened to traffic, it further improved the county traffic network, and let Shipu Dongmen Island, Gaotang Island, Hepu and other southern area island residents bid farewell to the history of "ferry travel", which is of great significance to the economic and social development of Xiangshan.