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Located between Xiangshan Harbor and Sanmen Bay, Xiangshan County covers 1,382 square kilometers, surrounded by coasts on three sides and two harbors, jurisdiction over 10 towns and 5 townships and 3 subdistricts, a population of 550,000. Xiangshan has achieved varieties of titles of honors successively, including the first batch of Demonstration Area of Ecological Civilization Construction, National Hygienic City, Nominated as a National Model City of Civilization, Five Consecutive of National Double Support Model City, the first batch of Provincial Demonstration Area of Beautiful Village, No Illegal Construction County, Provincial Civilized Demonstration Site, Provincial Garden City, Provincial Forest City , Dayu Tripod and Pingan Silver Tripod. In 2017, the total output value of the county amounts to 49,890,000,000 yuan while the local revenue was 6,720,000,000 yuan, the per-capita disposable income of urban residents up to 50,677 yuan and 28,385 yuan that of fishermen. 

Abound in Marine Resource

As a typical peninsula, Xiangshan occupies a total maritime area of 66.18 million sq km, 322 km of coastline and 436 uninhabited islands whose lands are more than 500 square kilometer, respectively accounting for 67.8%, 39.8% and 80% of those of Ningbo. It borders famous deepwater harbor Xiangshan Horbor in the north and National Fishing Port Shipu. Xiangshan is at the top of the heap in marine tourism resources in Yangtze River Delta covering 36 golden beaches measuring 13.2 kilometers in total length. 

Distinctive Industrial Characteristics

Xiangshan has formed an industrial cluster of fashionable knitting,die construction, marine organism, new energy, new material and port-vicinity equipment manufacturing industries as the leaders. Construction brings many tangible benefits to the local economy, realizing annual output value of 127.2 billion yuan, accounting for 27.6% and ranking 5th in Zhejiang Province. Xiangshan scores impressive success with its tourism. So far, Xiangshan has four scenic areas officially approved as 4A-level, receiving 22 million tourists and tourist income reached 24 billion yuan RMB, selected as the first batch of National Tourism Demonstration Sites and the Most Beautiful Holiday Resort County. Agriculture has also kept ahead of other cities in Zhejiang while yearly production of marine products ranked national Top Five on account of its good reputation in Yangtze River Delta region. Xiangshan has also boosted platform development efficiency, including settlement of Ningbo Aerospace Intelligence Science & Technology City National Cloud Manufacturing Demonstration Base, an ever-quickening pace of city-industry integration and Starlight Town’s having been selected as provincial demonstration towns through great endeavor made by numerous major platforms Xiangshan Film City, Songlan Mountain, Damuwan New Town and Xiangshan Bonded Area. 

Prominent Ecological Environment

Situated in such a peninsula with picturesque scenery of well-known byword “Vigorous Island in Oriental, Fairy Land among Seamount”, occupying Jiushan Archipelago Natural Marine Ecological Reserves and Yushan Archipelago National Marine Special Reserve, Xiangshan has been awarded to National Demonstration Area of Ecological Civilization Construction, which is also a super natural oxygen bar with forest coverage rising to 55.8%, excellent rate of the air quality up to 94% and 14,700 air negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. 

Rich Cultural Deposits

Having been civilized for more than 6000 years and been constructed for more than 1300 years, Xiangshan has developed a series of marine culture mainly including fisheries culture, auspicious elephant culture and immortal panacea culture. By stable monumental culture rooted, there are 6 items shortlisted into national intangible cultural heritage and 15 on the provincial list. With all-citizen-participation, Xiangshan has been honored as national marine fishery culture and ecological protection experimental pilot and provincial intangible cultural heritage conservation and protection pilot. The annually held China Fishing Festival throughout twenty years in succession has also been promulgated as China Top 10 Folk Festivals. Furthermore, China Ocean Forum and Xu Fu Culture Seminar have striven to improve influence. 

The implementation of the strategy of the following decisions and arrangements including the construction start of 2022 Asian Games Sailing Center, the traffic opening of Sanmen Bay Bridge and Xiangshan Intersection as well as great effort to coordinate with Ningbo Major Strategy themed by “ Embrace Rivers, Lakes and Coasts” and those of Hangzhou Bay Economic Zone and promoting modernization of Zhejiang Province will attach great importance to Xiangshan’s entrance into a new era namely Asian Games Era, Expressway Era and Bay Economic Zone Era. With high importance attached to the national quality work, Xiangshan has facilitated the set of five development concepts: innovation, coordination, green development, opening up, and sharing, fully implement the city major issues “Six Struggles to Battle Against Hindrance, Three Years to a New Stage of Economic Development”, firmly implement the strategy of “Double Breakthrough Double Drive”, remaining committed to accelerating the development of economic construction with notable characteristics and strengthening the construction concerning an ecological modern coastal city.

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